Evaluating Data-Driven Forecasting Methods for Predicting SARS-CoV2 Cases: Evidence From 173 Countries

Title Page for Paper

Awareness about CCHF – What you need to know (Dr. Saima Saleem, Co-Chapter Head Sindh)


CCHF Guidelines (English, Urdu) and Behavioral Cues (English, Urdu)


Interview of Zia Ashraf (Co-Chapter Head, PBSA Punjab Chapter), 24 June 2020 (Radio Pakistan)

PBSA Youtube Channel has 1k Subscribers

PBSA 1k subscribers

Successful Conclusion of first Virtual Leadership Series Workshop

Meeting of PBSA Management and BOD – 18th May 2020, National Institute of Health (Islamabad)

Videos of Webinars: “Waste Management” and “Use of Masks”

AJK Regional TOT Workshop Application Link

Meeting in NIH discussing nCV – 24 February 2020


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