Congratulations! Dr. Furqan Kabir selected as Editor in Frontiers in Public Health-section Disaster and Emergency Medicine

Congratulations! Dr. Furqan Kabir selected as Editor in Frontiers in Public Health-section Disaster and Emergency Medicine

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Serving as the President of Pakistan Biological Safety Association I feel we are working hard to improve the biosafety and biosecurity in Pakistan. We are pioneers in introducing biorisk management in Pakistan and our work has been acclaimed nationally and internationally. We have successfully completed multiple projects and our success indicates our commitment towards our mission to improve biorisk management in Pakistan.

Dr. Aamer Ikram
Dr. Aamer Ikram, President PBSA/ Executive Director NIH Pakistan

Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA) congratulates the endeavors of Dr. Furqan Kabir, one of our Bioprism trainers, for being selected as a Topic Editor in “Frontiers in Public Health-section Disaster and Emergency Medicine”  (Impact Factor 2.483) for the research topic: “iorisk Management, Laboratory Acquired Infections and Clinical Containment”.

From the website:

Frontiers’ Research Topics are collections of peer-reviewed articles around an emerging or cutting-edge theme. As a contributing author, you will benefit from:

high visibility and the chance to be included in a downloadable ebook
rigorous, transparent and fast peer review for your article
publication throughout the year, as soon as your article is accepted
advanced impact metrics

Research in the domain of Biorisk Management will add new arsenal in the repertoire of Public health to assess Laboratory Acquired Infections and improve Public Health. The aim of the current Research Topic is to cover promising, recent, and novel research trends in the domain of Biorisk Management, Laboratory Acquired Infections, Biosafety and Biosecurity. Areas to be covered in this Research Topic may include, but are not limited to:
1. Development of biocontainment tools, equipment, materials, methods, protocols etc.
2. Biorisk Assessment, mitigation, evaluation, and communication
3. Facility Design: Design, construction, commissioning of laboratories
4. Decontamination of facilities, equipment, and materials
5. Biorepository Management: for infectious materials and pathogens
6. Biosafety, biosecurity and BRM framework in public health
7. Applied biosafety, biosecurity, infection control and clinical containment.
8. Laboratory acquired infections and Public Health
9. Incident and LAIs reporting and command system
10. PPEs development, utilities, applications, safe practices
11. Biosafety and biosecurity awareness

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The submission deadline for this Research Topic is 27 October 2021

Dr. Furqan Kabir has also published an article which discusses and describes methodologies to implement biological risk management in institutions. The article can be accessed here.

We congratulate Dr. Furqan Kabir for his endeavors and wish him success.