Chemical Safety Manual now available for download

Chemical Safety Manual now available for download

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Being elected as the President of Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA) is a true honour for me. I believe that promoting awareness, knowledge and understanding of biosafety at the regional and national level is responsibility of each member and trainer of the PBSA. This organization is commended in many of the national and international forums for its preventive training for Risk Assessment and management, that was much needed at the time of COVID-19 outbreak. Additionally, it has promoted strong collaborations and affiliations with various Biosafety developmental programs that align with international standards to acknowledge and recognize biosafety as a separate scientific discipline within Pakistan. I strongly agree that “no one is safe until everyone is safe”, and would like to work with the PBSA team to implement this approach as far and wide as possible.

Prof. Dr. Saeed Khan
Prof. Dr. Saeed Khan, President PBSA/ Professor Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi

Pakistan Biological Safety Association and Fogarty International Center are pleased to share the Chemical Safety Manual developed by Joshua C. Grubbs, Dr. Sohail Qureshi, and Dr. Aamer Ikram. Anyone is welcome to download the manual for general use by clicking this link.

Joshua C Grubbs graduated from Duke’s University, US with a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry and Global Health. He is currently enrolled in Tuft’s University School of Medicine where he is currently completing his Doctor of Medicine (with a sub-specialization in Public Health). Prior to the start of his medicine degree, he was working as a research assistant in Fogarty International Center  (FIC) where he developed the chemical safety manual that is available now.

The purpose of this manual was as follows:

This manual was written in response to the expressed need for further guidance on chemical safety among those working in the life sciences in Pakistan. Increased awareness of biological safety and its importance prompted our partners to consider other areas for improved safety and they identified chemical safety as a major interest. Biologists use chemicals every day but might not have the required knowledge on how to safely manage chemicals in the context of their work.

We hope that this manual helps you in your endeavors to improve chemical safety protocols in your institutes.