MoU Signed between PBSA and Sindh Healthcare Commission (SHCC)

MoU Signed between PBSA and Sindh Healthcare Commission (SHCC)

29th July 2019

The current epidemic of HIV in cities like Larkana and other parts of Sindh, have stressed the need for prophylactic measures and a proactive approach to handle the situation to prevent it from getting worse. We need to join hands to fight such situation and work on emergency footing.

PBSA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Sindh Healthcare Commission. Under this MOU, PBSA will work with the Sindh Healthcare commission to develop bio-awareness programs that will aim to prevent further spread of this dreaded infection in the community.

The pilot program will start in the Larkana district and will target the following audience:

  • Medical and Surgical Consultants
  • General Practitioners
  • Para Medical Staff including Nurses and Nurse aids
  • Lab related stuff such as Lab Technicians and Technologists etc.
  • Dispensers and Pharmacy Staff
  • Housekeeping
  • Janitorial staff

The workshop will place emphasis on the safe handling of blood borne pathogens with special concentration on HIV/HCV and its transmissibility in the community.

PBSA looks forward to working on this with the Sindh Healthcare Commission to improve health outcomes in the region.

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