One Day Hand Washing Awareness Workshop – DUHS Karachi (Dec 28 2019)

One Day Hand Washing Awareness Workshop – DUHS Karachi (Dec 28 2019)

A one day workshop titled “Hand-Washing: A Basic Tool of Biosafety and Infectious Control” was conducted in Dow University of Health Sciences on Dec 28 2019. The workshop was organized by Dr. Syed Khurram Fareed, and the facilitators were Dr. Qasmi, Ms. Aneeta Hotwani, and Ms. Maqboola Dojki. Participants appreciated the endeavors of PBSA and understood the importance of hand washing as an infection control mechanism and a means to provide biosafety at individual and institutional level.

The participants had multiple practical sessions, in which scenarios were given and they were taught how to conduct hand washing in these scenarios. The participants were also highlighted the importance of these through the use of visual confirmations.

This workshop was conducted as part of the RACI Model developed by PBSA Sindh Chapter.

The workshop was appreciated

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Being elected as the President of Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA) is a true honour for me. I believe that promoting awareness, knowledge and understanding of biosafety at the regional and national level is responsibility of each member and trainer of the PBSA. This organization is commended in many of the national and international forums for its preventive training for Risk Assessment and management, that was much needed at the time of COVID-19 outbreak. Additionally, it has promoted strong collaborations and affiliations with various Biosafety developmental programs that align with international standards to acknowledge and recognize biosafety as a separate scientific discipline within Pakistan. I strongly agree that “no one is safe until everyone is safe”, and would like to work with the PBSA team to implement this approach as far and wide as possible.

Prof. Dr. Saeed Khan
Prof. Dr. Saeed Khan, President PBSA/ Professor Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi