PBSA Executive Council has meeting with COMSTECH Coordinator General, Friday 18th 2022

PBSA Executive Council has meeting with COMSTECH Coordinator General, Friday 18th 2022

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Being elected as the President of Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA) is a true honour for me. I believe that promoting awareness, knowledge and understanding of biosafety at the regional and national level is responsibility of each member and trainer of the PBSA. This organization is commended in many of the national and international forums for its preventive training for Risk Assessment and management, that was much needed at the time of COVID-19 outbreak. Additionally, it has promoted strong collaborations and affiliations with various Biosafety developmental programs that align with international standards to acknowledge and recognize biosafety as a separate scientific discipline within Pakistan. I strongly agree that “no one is safe until everyone is safe”, and would like to work with the PBSA team to implement this approach as far and wide as possible.

Prof. Dr. Saeed Khan
Prof. Dr. Saeed Khan, President PBSA/ Professor Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi

A meeting was held between PBSA Executive Council (Prof. Dr. Saeed Khan, President PBSA; Dr. Javed Muhammad, General Secretary; Dr. Ali Akbar, Treasurer) and COMSTECH Coordinator General Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary on February 18th 2022. COMSTECH and PBSA have been collaborating in awareness and promotion of biological risk management since 2015 when PBSA Patron in Chief held the inauguration of the organization.

COMSTECH congratulated the newly elected executive council of PBSA and extended an invitation of interest for collaborations in future events, keeping in mind the successful occurrence number of collaborations that COMSTECH and PBSA have had in the past. PBSA and COMSTECH shared different ideas for such collaboration. Among the suggested were: the development of a biosafety network in OIC member countries; a directory of field biosafety experts; and capacity building of resource-limited Muslim countries in order to bring them up to international standards of biorisk management.

COMSTECH and PBSA plan on organizing an annual international conference as well as a milieu of collaborative events at both COMSTECH premise, and PBSA training center.