Training of Trainer Workshop (Marghalla Hotel Islamabad, April 30-May 4 2019)

Training of Trainer Workshop (Marghalla Hotel Islamabad, April 30-May 4 2019)

Train the Trainer Workshop organized by Pakistan Biological Safety Association in collaboration with Fogarty International Center, National Institute of Health, USA and Safer Behavior, USA (April 30 – May 4 2019). Dr. Aamer Ikram, President, Pakistan Biological Safety Association inaugurated the workshop with mentioning the importance of safety culture in Pakistan and role of PBSA in promoting this culture throughout the country. Facilitators and Coaches who were already trained by Sean G Kaufman, CEO and founder partner of Safer Behavior, USA were invited to train all participants from sixty different institutes from all provinces of Pakistan on donning and doffing of high level of personal protective equipment like PAPR, Tyvek suits etc under Sean’s great supervision. All participants were also trained during workshop on needle stick injuries response and other emergency response, spill response both outside and inside Biosafety cabinet and designing a lab covering locker room, shower room, ante room, decon room, laboratory, animal room and all related signage etc. Sean was also a representative from CDC, USA to train people in last Ebola outbreak.

This was the last workshop conducted by Sean Kaufman in person.

Participants appreciated the efforts of PBSA and FIC in spreading the message of biological risk mitigation in Pakistan.


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Serving as the President of Pakistan Biological Safety Association I feel we are working hard to improve the biosafety and biosecurity in Pakistan. We are pioneers in introducing biorisk management in Pakistan and our work has been acclaimed nationally and internationally. We have successfully completed multiple projects and our success indicates our commitment towards our mission to improve biorisk management in Pakistan.

Dr. Aamer Ikram
Dr. Aamer Ikram, President PBSA/ Executive Director NIH Pakistan