SOP Guidelines And Behavioral Cues For Offices And Institutions

SOP Guidelines And Behavioral Cues For Offices And Institutions

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Serving as the President of Pakistan Biological Safety Association I feel we are working hard to improve the biosafety and biosecurity in Pakistan. We are pioneers in introducing biorisk management in Pakistan and our work has been acclaimed nationally and internationally. We have successfully completed multiple projects and our success indicates our commitment towards our mission to improve biorisk management in Pakistan.

Dr. Aamer Ikram
Dr. Aamer Ikram, President PBSA/ Executive Director NIH Pakistan

The Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA) in collaboration with Fogarty International Center (FIC), National Institute of Health (NIH) US; Khyber Medical University (KMU); and Bioprism trainers have compiled a guideline and behavioral cues for SOP implementation post-lockdown, to be implemented in institutions and offices and organizations.

These were developed

to ensure safe resumption of activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe there is a need to have concise and clearly defined SOPs not only to ensure hazard reduction and risk control, but also to endorse the responsibility entrusted by the Government of Pakistan during COVID-19. This document covers safe entry and exit protocols, workplace safety ethics and guidelines for institutional management to provide a safe environment in the workplace premises. We have prepared these guidelines so that various institutions and offices, can use theme as a draft to formulate their own institution- specific customized protocols. These guidelines are not specific to health care facilities or laboratories which deal directly with patient care or sample processing.

The guidelines can be downloaded from the following link: SOPs for safe culture_PBSA_KMU

Behavioral Cues pertaining to SOPs are provided below:

PBSA has created Guidelines and Behavioral Cues for CCHF as well. For more information on those, click here.


Fur further information pertaining to COVID19, click the following link.