Workshop on Risk Assessment – Islamabad – November 2 to 4 2022

Workshop on Risk Assessment – Islamabad – November 2 to 4 2022

Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA) in collaboration with Xibios Biorisk Consulting Belgium, National Institutes of Health Pakistan, and Fogarty International Center (FIC) National Institutes of Health (NIH) US conducted a three day  “Biological Risk Assessment” Workshop  On November 2 to 4 2022 at PBSA Training Center.

Purpose of Workshop

With the publication of the fourth edition of the WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual, a significant focus has been given towards risk assessment, especially in developing systems based on the risk assessment system. The World Health Organization in collaboration with National Institutes of Health Pakistan had conducted a series of regional workshops across Pakistan. The seventh in the series was conducted at PBSA Training Center.

The facilitators for the workshop were as follows

  • Madam Shahida Qureshi, National Institutes of Health Pakistan
  • Dr. Syeda Shazia Adeel, National Institutes of Health Pakistan
  • Zurva Ashraf, National Institutes of Health Pakistan

Philippe Stroot and Dr. Zeba Rasmussen were observers during the workshop

Participants came from all provinces of Pakistan, and during the three day workshop were given a comprehensive overview of the risk assessment approaches as described and instructed in the WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual 4th edition. Philippe Stroot was present as an observer during the workshop and provided his input in the context of the biosafety cabinet, the importance of effective risk assessment, and how to integrate guidelines in a local context.

Prof. Dr. Aamer Ikram, Executive Director National Institutes of Health Pakistan appreciated the endeavors of PBSA and NIH in the inculcation of risk assessment as provided by the WHO manual. He also appreciated the enthusiasm and persistence of the participants in learning about the risk assessment aspects, and integrating these lessons learnt into their institutes.

Prof. Dr. Saeed Khan, President Pakistan Biological Safety Association, observed and monitored the event, and shared his appreciation of the enthusiasm which participants showed during the workshop.

Keeping in view the struggle of PBSA, 5 participants joined the cause as lifetime members.


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